Video production has changed over the last decade.  No longer are the days when only the large enterprise could afford a Television Commercial.

Lincolnton Video Production-VyzionSmall and mid-sized companies were left to newspaper advertisements and door hangers to get their brand message out.  Fast forward ten years and you will find the age of YouTube and virtual media markets.

Today, videos are for every purse and purpose.  It is a major component of brand awareness via short, targeted messages that capture your customer or target audience time over and over again.  This is the essence of modern target marketing to promote or construct a brand.



Vyzion quality

We believe that effective videos are the ones that are built on quality.  We focus on painting the picture that can illustrate our clients capabilities, service or products.  We ensure the message is told:

  • Creative structure
  • Professional scripting
  • Professional cinematic filming styles
  • Movie quality editing
  • Appropriate music and graphic content
  • Collaborative efforts amongst the film team, producer and the client

Our Production Team

Our team has a proven record when it comes to working in the film industry. Trained at EuropaCorp Studios (The Professional, Fifth Element, Taken), our Vice-President of Video Production learned from some of the brightest film lights in Europe, with work that spanned across short films and big budget projects.

Our team of professionals has worked with some of the top names in the industry, including FOX, Nissan, Harley-Davidson, NHRA, NASCAR, Carolina Hurricanes, Se7en Nightlife, Chase Media, TV ONE, RADIO ONE, BET, Source Magazine and EuropaCorp Studios. Together we have over 20 years experience and a proven record of quality and schedule reliability.

Successful industries we have serviced: 

  • Fashion Industry
  • Sports Teams
  • Celebrity / Athletes
  • Radio and Radio Personalities
  • Banking
  • Training / Education
  • Public Speakers
  • General Corporate Clients
  • Engineering
  • Retail (Shopping malls)
  • Motor sports (Harley-Davidson)
  • Jewelry